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20200713 馮濤 On Cameron-Liebler line classes and associated classical groups

發布時間:2020-07-07 15:57    瀏覽次數:    來源:

題目: On Cameron-Liebler line classes and associated classical groups
報告人: 馮濤,浙江大學研究員, 博士生導師
時間:2020/07/13  周一  14:30-15:30
騰訊會議 ID:690 594 700
摘要:A Cameron-Liebler line class is a collection of lines of  PG(3,q) that has certain geometric properties. It arises in the study of the orbits structures of collineation groups of projective geometries in 1982, and has various generalizations in recent years. In this talk, I will give a survey of the progress on this topic and report our recent constructions of Cameron-Liebler line classes. This includes the first infinite family of such line classes with q even. We then use the subgroup structure of the associated classical groups to determine the stabilizers of our new family. This is joint work with  Koji Momihara, Morgan Rodgers, Qing Xiang and Hanlin Zou.



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