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20201203 王維凡 Simultaneous Colorings of Plane Graphs

發布時間:2020-12-02 09:19    瀏覽次數:    來源:

題目:Simultaneous Colorings of Plane Graphs

報告人:王維凡 教授, 浙江師范大學
時間:2020年12月3日 周四 15:00-16:00
騰訊會議 ID:871 470 939

摘要:Given a plane graph G = (V, E, F), we can define the vertex coloring for V , the edge coloring for E, the face coloring for F, the total coloring for V ∪ E,
the coupled coloring for V ∪F, the edge-face coloring for E ∪F, and the entire
coloring V ∪ E ∪ F, such that adjacent or incident elements have different
colors. In this talk we shall give a survey on these colorings and list colorings
of plane graphs. Some recent results and open problems about this direction
are mentioned.

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